And you may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile…

Congratulations, you just found what’s probably the most personal page on this domain – my now page. It’s kind of a mixture of things I’m doing right now and things I want to do sooner or later.

This page has last been updated on the 11th of August, 2021.

Languages I

99% of the time I write JavaScript, and while it gets the job done most of the time, there just are things it can not do. Because of this, I’m slowly (but surely) starting to learn Rust – it seems to have the perfect balance between low-level languages like C and high-level ones like JavaScript.

Other languages I want to get into include Ruby (which, I hope, will one day replace back-end JavaScript for me) and COBOL (because I want to get a feeling of “the other end of the spectrum” if you will, and see if I could still get anything useful out of it today).

I also want to (finally) start using front-end frameworks, and have started getting into React and Svelte as of late.

Languages II

In the last few months, I also spent some time learning Toki Pona, probably one of the easiest languages in the world, though I have recently replaced it with Japanese, probably one of the most difficult languages in the world.

The reason for Toki Pona being that I wanted to see how difficult it would be to learn (and above all, communicate in) a language with only 120 words. Turns out pretty much like I expected: learning is easy, but mastering is hard!

The reason for Japanese brings me to…


The whole global pandemic thing (you might have heard of it) kind of put this one on hold, but before I leave this planet, I want to see just a little bit more of it.

During my lifetime, I’ve been to Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Norway and Switzerland. My bucket list includes Japan, Iceland, Ireland and Sweden – in order of preference.

Japan because its entire culture is so fascinating and vastly different from the one here in Germany, Iceland and Ireland because they are just absolutely beautiful, and Sweden because of a bit of both.


It’s vague, but that’s all I’ve got for now. I want to make something. An album, a movie, a game, it doesn’t matter. I have so many feelings I want to express and so many stories I want to tell, but that will have to wait until I learn music theory, have enough time to make a short film, or know how to use RPG Maker.

On the passive side, I originally planned to watch 300 movies in 2021 – I already did something similar with albums a while ago –, though I temporarily paused that challenge due to my mental state. I’ll be more than happy to pick it back up in a few months or so though.

Friends I

Calling back to the “countries” segment, I want to get away from my hometown more in general. Not because I don’t like it here, but because I feel like staying here all the time will, at some point, have done more harm than good. I want to meet more people with the same interests as me. (This is also why my inbox is always wide open – feel free to talk to me about whatever it is you want to talk about!)

Here, I’ll show you what I mean: Just recently, there has been a kind of event in California of my favourite game of all time. From what I’ve heard, it was incredibly fun and a lot of people even made new friendships that day. And look, I won’t lie. California is still way too far from Germany for me to even consider going – and of course, money doesn’t grow on trees either. But the second I find out that there’s a new event in say, the UK, you better believe that I’ll be filling out my vacation request form.

I’m so incredibly thankful to be in a position where I can do these things – so I should. Well, you know, as long as the pandemic allows it.

Friends II

As amazing as meeting new people is, I only recently realized how important it is to cherish existing friendships. There’s this one person I’ve been friends with since we were kids. We met up at least once a week, but you know how it goes. They went to college, I started an apprenticeship. Combine that with the fact we’re both somewhat introverted and it won’t come as a surprise when I say that since the beginning of 2021, we met up perhaps two or three times.

Just a few months ago, they relocated to Kenya as part of their study. They’re expected to stay there for about three years. The first time they told me, I just kind of went “oh, damn”, but there was this one evening where I suddenly realized what that really meant, and had a panic attack – the first one in my life. I’ll be damned if I don’t visit them at least once.

And hey, thank God for Discord and Signal, video calls and instant messaging.