Beep, boop. Look, it makes a sound!

Listed here are just programs I consider being my "main projects". I'm developing some other things too, feel free to check them out!


While VGMLoader is probably the project I'm least actively developing, it is also my most popular one.

It consists of a single AutoHotkey file and allows the user to download albums from KHInsider, something that is usually only possible with a donator account.

Language: AutoHotkey · Platforms: Microsoft Windows · License: Unlicense


At work, I usually use ZOC Terminal to connect to our servers via SSH. But sometimes, I also need WinSCP to transfer files and folders more easily, and occasionally, I prefer OpenSSH to do some tasks more quickly.

I was fed up with having to copy the connection details between each of these programs all the time, so I wrote a command-line application to do it for me. It has since grown to support eleven different programs, some more reliably than others.

Language: JavaScript · Platforms: Cross-platform · License: MIT


A simple static site generator (including theme) that I wrote specifically to generate and power this very site, including its subdomains.

Language: JavaScript · Platforms: Cross-platform · License: Unlicense


My first Discord bot and, to some extent, my first proper experience with JavaScript.

Because of this, it contains a lot of messy code and things that could've been solved better. I initially wanted to completely rewrite it, but because of its massiveness and me not really using it anymore it is now in a state of limbo instead.

Language: JavaScript · Platforms: Cross-platform · License: Unlicense


My second Discord bot, not counting all the experiments and one-offs.

This bot resulted from a group of friends, starting with one of them jokingly making a bot that lets the others send text-to-speech messages to the person hosting it. I then made a proof-of-concept of a bot taking and sending a capture of the hoster's screen.

Fast-forward to now, and a lot of us have, as we call them, "stalk bots", that allow everyone to view our screens, video inputs (read: webcams), send notifications and more whenever we want to.

This is one of them.

Language: JavaScript · Platforms: Cross-platform · License: MIT