Although it’s useless to say, I wish you happiness.

This website is my attempt at a less experimental, more grounded presence on the internet.

You can navigate between this site, my blog and my wiki via the menu on the left (or top), and between different pages on these sites via the links to the right (or bottom).

If you want, you can also read more about me or view my previously implied, more experimental website.

Technical verbiage

All pages here and on all subdomains have been generated by the latest version of Axiom, a static site generator (including theme) I originally hacked together in a few days specifically for this site.

This site is intentionally kept simple – no CDNs, no JavaScript, no cookies, no advertisements, no tracking, no external requests. Just how I’d want a perfect website to be.

In fact, both this domain and the wiki are less than 1 MB in size and, as such, even fit on a standard floppy disk! The blog is a bit larger though, since it uses a lot more images. Also, keep in mind that these numbers may be outdated; they were last updated on the 24th of December, 2022.

To test this yourself, grab the entire site using wget -mkp and check the directory size with du -h.

Finally, there used to be a mirror of this website, making it available via the Gemini protocol, however I decided to remove it again, mainly because of two reasons:

That being said, Axiom uses Markdown, so should you decide to use it yourself, a script like md2gemini should fit your needs just fine.

About those links

At the very bottom, you can find links to both my (main) social media channels as well as – get this – webrings! Yes, really, those things that were popular around the turn of the millennium – or so they say. I wasn’t on the internet back then, so no guarantees.

The links at the bottom send you to the respective home page of that ring only, but that’s no fun, is it? So, here’s a more extensive list:

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Have fun exploring!